HANDCRAFTED LIVE MUSIC & EVENT SOUND DESIGN for corporate events, private parties, and public venues

We deliver relaxed-luxury experiences to events nationally, pairing Winship's live music performance with his in-house sound company for an easy-to-use, all-inclusive event package that has everything you need. Every event package includes a professional team of friendly humans and the following:

Original Live Music Performance

Winship's masterful artistry gives Top 40 covers and original music a cohesive perspective with his original singer/songwriter voice. The result is a refreshing sound, delighting guests with familiar songs done in a modern upbeat way and inspiring them with original songs naturally woven into the performance.

Practical Sound System Equipment

Winship's top-shelf sound systems are modular, professionally-built, and tailored for each venue/guest list combination to achieve better clarity, comfort, and coverage at your event. (Need it to be an unplugged performance or need us to work with your existing sound company? We can do that too!)

Comfortable Audio Engineering

Winship specializes in audio engineering and live performance techniques that support comfortable conversations in a live music environment. Guests are pleasantly surprised by this and always appreciate being able to talk with ease.


Husband/wife creative duo, Winship & Lacey

Winship is an award-nominated and nationally performing musician. He's a singer, guitarist, pianist, drummer, live mixing DJ, songwriter, sound designer, and an audio engineer.

Lacey is an award-winning fashion designer, visual designer, and event manager who loves helping people celebrate the moments that matter.

Together since 2013 we’ve worked with local businesses to billionaires; wedding couples to national corporations; backyard parties to penthouse brand events. We’d love to be at your next event!